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Take a look at what some of our tribe have said about their treetop adventure …

Rated 5 Bananas Cindy - Treetop Adventure, at North Myrtle Beach Park & Sports Complex, on 3 August 2015
We took a group of teenage nieces & nephews and a few of us oldies (in our 40s) to our first GoApe TreeTop Adventure. We didn't know for sure what to expect as it was our first visit, but the experience was so much fun & exceeded our expectations. The best part of the trip was watching one of our younger nephews (13 years old) face & overcome his fear. He wanted to bail on the first Tarzan swing, but he finally took the plunge and was so proud of himself for sticking with it. By the time we got to the next big zip, he was zipping with no hands & loving every minute of it! This adventure provided us with a fun-filled afternoon, but it also served as a great confidence/bravery-building tool that the kids will hopefully carry into future challenges they face in life. We loved it and highly recommend it! If you go, be sure to carb up a few hours prior to your arrival and stay hydrated, especially if you go in the July heat.
Rated 5 Bananas Michelle - Treetop Adventure, at Eagle Creek Park, on 3 August 2015
I came to go ape on a super fun second date. It was way better than your standard dinner and movie at slifhtly more than the same cost and we had a blast! It was a warm day, but we stayed cool in the shade and enjoyed the fun and challenging obstacles. One piece of advice: when given the choice between an east obstacle and a difficult obstacle, always choose the difficult one. There's a great sense of accomplishment in making it across the obstacles and you definitely won't regret facing the tough ones head-on.
Rated 5 Bananas Yolanda - Treetop Adventure, at Blue Jay Point County Park, on 3 August 2015
My 14 year old daughter and I had a great time together at Go Ape. It was a wonderful bonding experience. It was the first time for both of us doing anything like this. The instructions that we got were excellent and at no point was I worried about safety. We can't wait to go back!
Rated 5 Bananas Marie - Treetop Adventure, at Mill Stream Run Reservation, on 31 July 2015
The course was definitely a challenge. I had done the zip line experience before and was unsure of what to expect of the tree top adventure. The course is more of a personal challenge. It was very enjoyable and not to be taken lightly. I would do it again in a monkey minute!
Rated 5 Bananas Philicia - Treetop Adventure, at Blue Jay Point County Park, on 31 July 2015
My friend and I had an absolute blast!!!! It was an amazingly exhilarating experience and also a fantastic full body workout. The course took us about 2.5 hours to complete. We really appreciated the water that was provided in different areas of the course since it was a hot day. Also a few times in the course you have the choice of going the extreme path or the regular one. Of course the Tarzan swing was the absolute highlight, and such an adrenaline rush for sure. I look forward to going again soon, however I will definitely be bringing gloves next time.
Rated 5 Bananas Matthew - Treetop Adventure, at Shelby Farms Park, on 31 July 2015
The second we walked in for our adventure the people were really nice and chill. It felt like we were just talking and chilling with friends. The girl doing our safety briefing was nice and very informative. Before going on the course I had a minor fear of heights but I felt completely safe on the course and with the staff around. The course was not only fun but also enabled me to conquer my fear of heights. MY girlfriend and I are already planning our next Go Ape adventure and are bringing my little brother and some other friends and family.
Rated 5 Bananas Amber - Treetop Adventure, at North Myrtle Beach Park & Sports Complex, on 31 July 2015
TOTAL BLAST!!!! Our instructor was very fun and helpful. The tarzan swing at site 5 was very intimidating but fun once we took the leap! The ziplines were awesome! I expected the course to be fun but not that much fun!!! Thanks for the great experience! We can't wait to try another course! :)
Rated 5 Bananas Aari - Treetop Adventure, at Blue Jay Point County Park, on 30 July 2015
Fun way to spend a few hours! Excellent customer service and safety instruction, and the facility was beautiful and well-maintained. Great addition to the area!
Rated 5 Bananas John - Treetop Adventure, at Lums Pond State Park, on 30 July 2015
When we arrived we were greeted by a very friendly young lady that helped us fill out the waivers and explained the process to us. The course instructor (Johnny) was awesome. Made sure everybody was comfortable with the equipment and was over the top friendly. The course was challenging and pushed the limits of what I felt comfortable doing to the point that I had a sense of accomplishment when I was done. I brought my wife 2 nieces and two nephews. Every single one of us had a great time. As soon as we were done they were all talking about coming back. Well done!
Rated 5 Bananas Karin - Treetop Adventure, at Lums Pond State Park, on 29 July 2015
The best part of the experience was the indepence of the activity. After a thorough safety briefing, where our enthusiastic instructor even helped my color blind teenage son, we were guided through the first section, then allowed to go at our own pace. Not having a guide right there with us, was the best experience. We did the course as a family, helping each other as needed, joking with each other frequently, and strengthening bonds. I haven't spent a better 3 hours with my teenage children in years. Thanks GoApe!
Rated 5 Bananas Melinda - Treetop Adventure, at Freedom Park, on 29 July 2015
First and foremost, I have to share the instructor Andrew was phenomenal. He was very thorough with his training session and when I showed my fear, he talked me through it so that i could tackle my fear. I was able to achieve completion of the entire course and it started with his encouraging words. My family and I thoroughly enjoyed are time there and will return. The way in which I was greeted added to our overall experience, when we arrived and at the end. Thank you to the staff of Freedom Park, Go Ape, especially Andrew! The Boisseau Family 7/18/15
Rated 5 Bananas Jane - Treetop Adventure, Treetop Junior, at Freedom Park, on 28 July 2015
It was raining and the staff got us so excited about the experience. They were helpful, encouraging, and made for a great experience! We all want to go back again. So appreciative of the junior trail, so my youngest was also able to have a great adventure!
Rated 5 Bananas James - Treetop Adventure, at Blue Jay Point County Park, on 28 July 2015
My favorite part of the GoApe Adventure were the Ziplines. They completely stole the show. I had a slight fear of them before. However, I would like to zipline everyday if I could. My second favorite part was the obstacles you took on high above the ground. What a was to get your adrenaline flowing. My time there was one I will always remember.
Rated 5 Bananas MARY - Treetop Adventure, at Mill Stream Run Reservation, on 28 July 2015
I had never done anything like this before, so I was excited to try it. I found it to be very physically challenging for me, which was great. I was very proud of myself for completing the event and can't wait to try it again! The staff was very friendly and helpful, and the directions, etc. easy to follow. Thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon!
Rated 5 Bananas Mariaelena - Treetop Adventure, at Freedom Park, on 28 July 2015
We loved our Go Ape experience! It was easy to book tickets, and the website's FAQ answered all of our initial questions. We were also impressed by the efficiency of the safety training. Our guide was very thorough and it was super easy to learn-by-doing! The course was quite stunning, and Freedom Park was lovely to visit. Great location, great experience - and we recommended Go Ape to all of our friends and family!

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