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Feedback from Eagle Creek Park - Indianapolis, Indiana

Rated 5 Bananas Nena - , at Eagle Creek Park - Indianapolis, Indiana, on 11 July 2014
My husband, 11 years old daughter and I had the best first time experience. It was great spending the morning climbing and zip lining together. We highly recommend it.
Rated 5 Bananas RENEE - , at Eagle Creek Park - Indianapolis, Indiana, on 10 July 2014
Rated 5 Bananas michelle - , at Eagle Creek Park - Indianapolis, Indiana, on 10 July 2014
completely exceeded my expectations. loved the course and the challenge. will definitely be back, and hoping to bring a group next time
Rated 5 Bananas karen - , at Eagle Creek Park - Indianapolis, Indiana, on 10 July 2014
Check in was easy and everyone very friendly and helpful. Explaining all the safety features was done with serious humor! I took my niece who was visiting from Texas and she absolutely loved it. Every part from start to finish was a great experience. Thank you
Rated 5 Bananas Marc - , at Eagle Creek Park - Indianapolis, Indiana, on 10 July 2014
Awesome! I had a great time, I went to the one at Eagle Creek Park, because we live right down the street, so we decided to go, overall great experience with many fun adventures. I can't wait to go again!! I hope I get to go back within the next year, only thing is, it is a little expensive. I do think it's worth the money though. Thanks for the memories. Rate of 1-10 I'll give it a ~9 1/2~
Rated 5 Bananas Mark - , at Eagle Creek Park - Indianapolis, Indiana, on 9 July 2014
We went to celebrate our daughters 10th birthday. Although were rained out on her actual birthday, we were reschedualed the next day first thing in the morning. Great experience... It was a blast! She hasn't stopped making me show the pictures to everyone we know.
Rated 5 Bananas Gary - , at Eagle Creek Park - Indianapolis, Indiana, on 9 July 2014
I booked this adventure for my family. My daughters, 14 & 11, had just returned from summer camp. They had just gotten a small taste of a ropes course while at camp, and both had told me they were able to face their fear of heights/falling. I knew this fear existed in both of them, as it does me. Yet, when I heard how much fun they had, it was a no-brainer. I immediately booked a day at Go Ape - Eagle Creek - Indianapolis. The booking process was very easy. Just work your way through each page and at the end, submit your payment. Clean and simple. What impressed me most, and what I believe is the most customer-friendly policy I have ever seen, EVER, is the cancellation/re-booking policy. Go Ape definitely wants you to get to take your adventure and based on what the literature states, they will work with you to make certain that happens (I do not have experience with this, so I cannot say if they actually stand behind the policy, but I have no reason to believe otherwise). They say if weather cancels you out, they will work to re-book if possible or refund/partial refund if necessary. I got the impression that they understand what people's money actually means to them and they value that. Read it for yourself. Since this was our first Go Ape adventure, we had no idea what to expect. My wife was the only ropes course rookie of the four of us. The staff at check-in was very friendly and helpful. We had signed up for the first group of the day. Our guide picked us up a few minutes after the scheduled start of our tour. We went to the first station to get our safety orientation and practice with the harnesses. With the exception of our guide fumbling through her words several times, the briefing was thorough and informative. The weather was not perfect. We started in rain, and had periods of rain throughout. Policy states that the course is open in the rain. It didn't effect our enjoyment of the adventure. We were ushered through the final part of the "training" for our adventure on the small zip line, then were were off and running. Our family was the last of our full group to embark upon what would be a great day. There were ten in our party, two groups of three and then the four of us. I am not sure if our initial guide did that on purpose, but it was definitely best for the entire group. While there were two other kids in our group that were the same ages as my kids, we found that three people can move through the course much faster than four. We are a fit family; the girls play soccer and participate in tae kwon do. I run marathons and my wife works out religiously. Even so, we found the course to be challenging and fun. As you progress from stage 2 to stage 3 to stage 4 and eventually to stage 5, the obstacles and transitions become progressively more difficult, yet still doable. However, by the end of the day, unless you have been training for American Ninja Warrior or something similar, you will be tired, and quite likely, your forearms will be burning a bit. There were some really tricky crossings, but there were also choices you could make to go an easier route. My girls always went the hard way, and being the ages they are, my wife and I had to go the same direction per the "rules of the game" as given in our safety briefing. The website says to allow 2-3 hours to complete the adventure. Because we did not have to wait on stragglers from earlier groups (we were in the first group to go out), while we were the slowest in our group of ten, we finished our adventure in 2 hours 7 minutes. We were tired, but everyone had a smile on their face and really enjoyed the morning. I like the fact that you have a bit of freedom as you move through the course. You do not have a guide watching over your every move. You can talk with your family/friends without being interrupted for every little thing. It does put a lot of responsibility on you to behave in a manner commensurate with the activity - you are up in the trees above the ground and your life could end or be severely impacted at any moment if you get careless. While you are up in the trees, you are not so high up in them that the ground seems like it is a mile away. I have actually hunted from higher in trees than in some places on the course. You're off the ground, for certain, and even with our family's fears of height and falling, no one ever became nervous or paranoid. The crossings really have you focused on the crossings themselves, not how high you are off the ground. If I had a suggestion for improvement of the course, I would say that I believe in the landing areas of the zip lines that the line itself should be raised, probably twelve inches. They have height minimums that must be met, and I realize that the minimum height has to be catered to, but I repeatedly got pants loads of mulch from coming into the landing areas backwards. Of course, I would also like to see the course extended, adding additional stages, while
Rated 5 Bananas Karen - , at Eagle Creek Park - Indianapolis, Indiana, on 9 July 2014
This was a blast for the kids AND adults in our group. We will definitely be back!
Rated 5 Bananas Crystal - , at Eagle Creek Park - Indianapolis, Indiana, on 9 July 2014
It was an AWESOME experience!!!!! My husband and twin 12 year old daughters did the course while my 2 year old son and I watched. They LOVED it and can't wait to go again! They really enjoyed themselves. It was a first time experience for the girls. As the spectator I really enjoyed the great paths and trails that allowed us to stay with them and watch their whole adventure and take great pictures!!!
Rated 5 Bananas Amanda - , at Eagle Creek Park - Indianapolis, Indiana, on 9 July 2014
GREAT time!! Got to experience the treetops at my own pace! Excellent instruction and extremely friendly people.
Rated 5 Bananas JULIE - , at Eagle Creek Park - Indianapolis, Indiana, on 9 July 2014
Great experience. Too pricey for adults. Took a long time from check in to actual start of the course. Trails for those on the ground weren't very well marked and terrain difficult to walk on. Staff were excellent and very courteous.
Rated 5 Bananas Phebe - , at Eagle Creek Park - Indianapolis, Indiana, on 8 July 2014
What a fabulous experience!!! The training process was excellent (visual, auditory and experiential). My family and I all felt very secure and confident by the time we got to the actual course. The age span of those in my family group (5 of us) was 12-60. We all felt very challenged and absolutely thrilled and exhilarated. Perhaps not surprising, our favorite part was the zip lines. It was particularly good as we looked forward to it and had to work hard to get to each one. We were pleasantly surprised at the length of them. At the beginning of the course we had to wait a while for the group ahead of us, but it soon let up.
Rated 5 Bananas Tina - , at Eagle Creek Park - Indianapolis, Indiana, on 8 July 2014
I took my teenage daughter and 2 friends. This was our first time zip lining and we had a GREAT time. Very worth the money for a 21/2 hour experience.
Rated 5 Bananas Tammie - , at Eagle Creek Park - Indianapolis, Indiana, on 8 July 2014
Loved, loved, loved! So much fun! Great family activity. My 13 especially loved it and wants to work there when he's old enough :) It would be nice if there was a discount given for return visits in the same year. We'd likely come back more often! But, this will be a yearly event for us.

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