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Take a look at what some of our tribe have said about their treetop adventure …

Feedback from Eagle Creek Park

Rated 5 Bananas Tom - Treetop Adventure, at Eagle Creek Park, on 21 July 2015
Plain and simple. It was awesome. Our Staff Instructor (Chris) was awesome. Staff members were always present making sure you were always in safe situation while not getting in your way. From start to finish you always felt safe and you knew it was going to be an amazing fun GO APE ADVENTURE day.
Rated 5 Bananas Toni - Treetop Adventure, Treetop Junior, at Eagle Creek Park, on 17 July 2015
The Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Expanding Your Horizons Camp had a fantastic time at Go Ape. The employees were fantastic and the girl giving the instructions did a fabulous job explaining to our blind/low vision students. The kids couldn't stop talking about what they had accomplished. They couldn't wait to tell their siblings or classmates who aren't blind/low vision what they had done. This experience will help them to continue to build self confidence and feel as if they can accomplish everything they attempt. Thanks to all of your staff. From the moment I called to set up this experience to the minute we left, it couldn't have been better. A special thanks to Sam and his staff at the Indiana Go Ape. They are the best!
Rated 5 Bananas Deborah - Treetop Adventure, at Eagle Creek Park, on 13 July 2015
We came from another state and went to check in 2 1/2 hours early thinking we would spend the extra time exploring the park while we waited. The staff greeted us warmly, answered all of our questions, and even offered to take us out at that very time because there were openings. What a great experience! The course was under the tree canopy which made it cool in the hot weather. The ground trail was very muddy, but the website did a nice job of warning us that this may be the case. Excellent customer service. We recommend Go Ape! as a great family activity, especially families with a mix of older kids and teens.
Rated 5 Bananas Amanda - Treetop Adventure, at Eagle Creek Park, on 9 July 2015
I thought the amount of time spent in the course is absolutely worth the cost. A lot of times you spend a lot of money to get up to an hour of entertainment, but my husband and I were there 2 and 1/2 hours. I also thought the safety briefing was necessarily repetitive. They made sure you could safely participate no matter what the age. I also liked that on the first obstacle it was lower level so the instructor could see how you would handle switching lines and always staying attached. I have nothing but great things to say! It was a great physical activity that was a blast! We will definitely be back!
Rated 5 Bananas Melanie - Treetop Adventure, at Eagle Creek Park, on 9 July 2015
Perfect adventure for my husband and I to share with our 4 sons (ages 10, 12, 17, and 19)... Everyone was challenged, and everyone had a great time!
Rated 5 Bananas Katie - Treetop Adventure, at Eagle Creek Park, on 6 July 2015
From the very start, we had a fantastic experience with Go Ape. The employees were all extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. We had a great training guide who made us feel confident and secure while learning how to work the equipment. There were also several staff members available throughout the course offering words of encouragement and enthusiasm making us feel safe and secure. My favorite parts were definitely the Tarzan swings and zip lines, but I was really impressed with how many obstacles were offered throughout each course and how well-maintained the entire facility was. It was a great workout. Be prepared to get a little sweaty and dirty-- it's totally worth it! I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking for a little adventure in life. Can't wait to come back again!
Rated 5 Bananas Angela - Treetop Adventure, at Eagle Creek Park, on 29 June 2015
In February of this year I was pronounced cancer-free so, since then, I've been intentional about scheduling things that are new, fun and exciting. I'd never heard of Go Ape until I saw a Groupon for it. My 13 year old spends far too much time indoors and in front of a screen so I decided this would be a great opportunity for us both and the Groupon made it affordable. We had a great time and it took us both out of our comfort zone! My son ACTUALLY SAID that it was MORE FUN than the computer! :) Everyone working there was great! We may visit Go Ape in Louisville later in the summer.
Rated 5 Bananas Amanda - Treetop Adventure, at Eagle Creek Park, on 26 June 2015
I missed my chance to do the Aberfoyle course in Scotland and have been wanting to try a Go Ape course ever since. And my only disappointment with the Indianapolis course was that it ended! I loved all the obstacles, and you even had a couple choices in the route you took, whether you wanted to take the easier or more challenging crossing. I would definitely recommend Go Ape to anyone who likes an outdoor adventure.
Rated 5 Bananas Dean - Treetop Adventure, at Eagle Creek Park, on 18 June 2015
We had visited other outdoor challenge/zipline courses in other locations. Go Ape was as good or better than any other we've attended. The safety briefing was professionally done. There were friendly, attentive guides helping keep the participants safe. The guides gave encouragement and tips along the way. The course was quite challenging but we weren't rushed. When we decided not to tackle the last, hardest phase of the course, the guides supported our decision and showed us the way to the office. It was a positive experience all around in a nice, outdoor atmosphere.
Rated 5 Bananas Amy - Treetop Adventure, at Eagle Creek Park, on 1 June 2015
I thoroughly enjoyed the course and thought it was well structured with increasing difficulty since we had a couple individuals in our group who had never done any harnessed activities before. The sta
Rated 5 Bananas Natacha - Treetop Adventure, at Eagle Creek Park, on 28 May 2015
Our guide was amazing , he made us feel comfortable . I loved the course I will definitely be back this summer.
Rated 5 Bananas sissilena - Treetop Adventure, at Eagle Creek Park, on 26 May 2015
The course was in a great location and was fun while being a little bit challenging.
Rated 5 Bananas A. - Treetop Adventure, at Eagle Creek Park, on 26 May 2015
Customer Service was exceptional and this experience was better than expected! I will definitely be back with a group to experience "Going Ape"!
Rated 5 Bananas Greg - Treetop Adventure, at Eagle Creek Park, on 26 May 2015
Overall experience was excellent. Equipment was in great shape the course was somewhat challenging and fun. I would recommend all ages to attend. The employee's were very courteous and helpful. It was
Rated 5 Bananas Michaela - Treetop Adventure, at Eagle Creek Park, on 26 May 2015
Fabulous way to spend a sunny Saturday!!! So much fun!!!

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