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Take a look at what some of our tribe have said about their treetop adventure …

Feedback from RC

Rated 5 Bananas Ji - Treetop Adventure, at RC, on 15 September 2014
It was my first time at Go Ape but it was very cool! Staff was friendly and very nice. I would definitely recommend this to everyone who hasn't tried it yet. First two course may seem bit scary at first but, after's all fun! My favorite part was the tarzan swing and course 4&5 . All the people in my group loved it ;) We will for sure go back for round 2!!
Rated 5 Bananas Karah - Treetop Adventure, at RC, on 15 September 2014
All of the staff was really friendly and all of the courses were super fun and its something i would definitely do again very soon!
Rated 5 Bananas Chad - Treetop Adventure, at RC, on 15 September 2014
Very fun. Beautiful grounds, and good variety of course obstacles.
Rated 5 Bananas Derek - Treetop Adventure, at RC, on 15 September 2014
I chose GoApe in Rockville because I was looking for something different to do on a second date with a girl I had just met recently. My goal was to hopefully get us both out of our comfort zones a bit (I had never been ziplining before), have some fun/excitement, and see her outside the normal bar/restaurant setting. I gotta say, I couldn't have imagined a better second date then that! Absolutely no regrets! And I think she felt the same way. We definitely had fun! So thank you very much! I'll keep you posted if she turns out to be "the one".
Rated 5 Bananas April - Treetop Adventure, at RC, on 15 September 2014
Go Ape was absolutely awesome, I had so much fun. It was well worth the money and I can't wait to come back with the rest of my family. The courses were challenging and fun at the same time and the guest service was great. I love Go Ape!!!!
Rated 5 Bananas Lori - Treetop Adventure, at RC, on 15 September 2014
Prior to the visit, I was worried that I'd get nervous about the heights. However, by the time the first Tarzan swing and zip-line came along, it was awesome. I like how the first zip-line is a "warm-up" - it gets you comfortable with the harness as your safety net and by the end I was sad that my adventure was over.
Rated 5 Bananas Jennifer - Treetop Adventure, at RC, on 15 September 2014
For a person that hates heights I had a blast and my boys did too...Great family fun!!!!
Rated 5 Bananas Mitch - Treetop Adventure, at RC, on 9 September 2014
I recently moved to the Rockville area so I have been looking for fun outdoor activities to enjoy Maryland's beautiful landscape. I found Go Ape and booked immediately! The website gave all of the necessary information in an easily accessible format and made the adventure look irresistible. Upon our arrival the staff was friendly and enthusiastic and our training began promptly at our scheduled time. The safety briefing was concise and the instructors took great care in making sure that every participant was confident in their ability to stay safe and have fun. The courses were challenging, exciting, and so much fun! I couldn't stop smiling for hours after I left. I fully intend on coming back and bringing friends who I know will enjoy the experience as much as I did!
Rated 5 Bananas Jenine - Treetop Adventure, at RC, on 8 September 2014
I booked the adventure for my boyfriend's birthday because he said that this was something that he always wanted to do so I surprised him. We had the best time! Our instructor Emily was amazing and super friendly! The ladies at the registration were very nice and helpful. We had a great group and we ended up hanging out with another couple. He was celebrating his birthday also! We all had a really fun time doing the obstacles together and really motivated each other. The zip lines were AWESOME! That was the best part! We ended up swapping phone numbers with the couple and we're going to get together in the future. Thanks sooo much for a great adventure and I've been telling other folks about it! :)
Rated 5 Bananas Jane - Treetop Adventure, at RC, on 8 September 2014
My boyfriend was, for lack of better words, gleeful when I surprised him with this birthday present. I'm usually the type of girl to buy her significant other a bottle of cologne, a personalized leather wallet, a designer sweater -- but not this year. This year I wanted to let him monkey around at Go Ape. He went bananas. I was a bit worried that I wouldn't be "Jane" enough for his "Tarzan" spirit, but I can honestly say that I haven't had this much fun in a long, long time. At first, the sheer height made my legs tremble, but I was soon scaling up trees and leaping off branches. Trust me, as a kid, I was always the last one chosen at P.E. Here, I felt right at home. I felt challenged, but I always felt safe knowing that my harness would catch me if I ever did fall. I will definitely be back to whoop and swoop through Go Ape in the near future! Thanks for an amazing time!
Rated 5 Bananas Kelly - Treetop Adventure, at RC, on 7 September 2014
Employees were wonderful. Bridgette and everyone else were high spirited and friendly. Loved the zip lining and Tarzan swings! The treetop bridges were cool and good challenges, but loved the thrill of the air time! Thanks for a great day at go ape!
Rated 5 Bananas Marshall - Treetop Adventure, at RC, on 2 September 2014
Rated 5 Bananas suzette - Treetop Adventure, at RC, on 2 September 2014
appreciated the "mini" trial on the 1st sight, and of course the instruction. Loved the zip line the best!
Rated 5 Bananas Joanna - Treetop Adventure, at RC, on 2 September 2014
Such a fun day. Jessie and the other staff at Rock Creek Park were terrific.
Rated 5 Bananas Nate - Treetop Adventure, at RC, on 2 September 2014
Go Ape was the perfect start to our bachelor party. It was physical, a little dirty and created the enthusiasm which carried us through the remainder of our weekend. Thanks Go Ape!

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