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Take a look at what some of our tribe have said about their treetop adventure …

Feedback from RC

Rated 5 Bananas Christen - Tree Top Adventure, at RC, on 5 November 2012
This was my first time ziplining and, even for someone as uncoordinated and generally awkward as I am, it was awesome. One of the members of our group was sick the morning of our adventure and couldn't make it and our super helpful staff member (his name escapes me, but he was dressed as Mario) emailed me a voucher for our missing group member immediately. The instruction and initial safety briefing was quick and painless. Everything about the experience was great.
Rated 5 Bananas Anna - Tree Top Adventure, at RC, on 3 November 2012
I took my girl scout troop- 12- 11 and 12 year old girls. They LOVED IT! A few were extremely nervous throughout but felt very secure with the help of "Safety Sam." I think his name really was Sam. He was great with the girls and helpful in moving us along. We all would love to do this again. A few groups were unable to finish the course due to rain and thunder. I was told that we would receive passes to do the course again but haven't heard anything. Can you check on this? Overall it was a fabulous experience! Thanks!
Rated 5 Bananas Emilee - Tree Top Adventure, at RC, on 1 November 2012
Rated 3 Bananas nanne - Tree Top Adventure, at RC, on 31 October 2012
We enjoyed the new stations and love the entire course.
Rated 4 Bananas Yongmei - Tree Top Adventure, at RC, on 29 October 2012
The ziplines and the tarzan swings were the best.
Rated 5 Bananas Michael - Tree Top Adventure, at RC, on 29 October 2012
There should be a process to pass a group if an individual in the group ahead is frightened at every obstacle. Our experience was still unbelievable and have told many friends about it already.
Rated 5 Bananas Jeffrey - Tree Top Adventure, at RC, on 28 October 2012
Our family had a great time! Wonderful experience!!
Rated 4 Bananas Kara - Tree Top Adventure, at RC, on 28 October 2012
My husband and I loved our experience so much the so much on October 7 that we went again two weeks later. We had such a good time and were pleasantly surprised that when we returned, there were new obstacles (impressive in such a short amount of time). We will definitely be back again as soon as we can.
Rated 5 Bananas Linda - Tree Top Adventure, at RC, on 28 October 2012
This was my first time ziplining so I didn't know what to expect. It was a great experience and if I was in a little better shape than I am now, I would have completed all of the stations (waived on #4!!!). My only suggestion would be that there be more space on the platforms (just a little nervewracking being that high up) and the rope ladders could be a little better supported. Also, if there was a way you could control how you were coming into a landing from the zipline; i.e., forward or backward, it would be a little easier for people who have knee problems, etc. such as myself. It's a little unsettling when you start forward and come in backward and not know when you will be touching ground. It makes for a "rocky" landing!!! The overall experience was fun, challenging I would come back if I got myself in better shape (cardio/upper body strength) but I can atl least say I've been ziplining and that I survived Go Ape!!! Thanks for the memory.......Linda Sue Pessagno :-)
Rated 5 Bananas Kimberly - Tree Top Adventure, at RC, on 28 October 2012
For my boyfriend's 28th birthday, me, him and 2 other friends decided to try Go Ape for an exciting outdoor experience. We were not disappointed! As avid outdoors people (1 of our group members is a climbing instructor), we were initially concerned that the course would be too childish and staff would constantly be hovering. You can imagine our relief and excitment when we realized how challenging the courses actually were and how the staff was constantly present but not intrusive on our course experience. I have recommended your course to several friends and look forward to the next time I can go back!
Rated 5 Bananas laurie - Tree Top Adventure, at RC, on 28 October 2012
Perfect time. Much bettter than we even expected. Thanks to you and your friendly staff. We will be back with friends.
Rated 5 Bananas Angel - Tree Top Adventure, at RC, on 28 October 2012
Fun and a great workout!
Rated 5 Bananas Brittany - Tree Top Adventure, at RC, on 28 October 2012
I thought it was a great idea to have a football, soccer ball, frisbee, etc. in front of the check-in cabin to entertain us until our session began. The varying levels of difficulty for each site was a nice feature, as well. All the employees were very nice and welcoming and I completely trusted them to help me, if necessary. Everything was very well maintained. I've been recommending Go Ape! to a bunch of people! My boyfriend and I went for our anniversary and it was the perfect gift.
Rated 4 Bananas Summer - Tree Top Adventure, at RC, on 27 October 2012
The certificate was a gift from a friend and I had a fabulous time! I wasn't sure I was going to be able to do it at my age, but it was so much fun. I love your "safety first" policy and I felt very comfortable going out on my own. The hardest part for me was the climbing of the ladders on the trees...they are straight up and my upper body strength in not the best. But I managed! Already told my three daughters about it and they all want to come. Thanks so much!
Rated 4 Bananas Ifi - Tree Top Adventure, at RC, on 27 October 2012
My best friend and I had so much fun! I love your slogan about living life adventurously. I think you could do more to market yourselves because I had never heard of Go Ape before my brother gave me a gift certificate for my birthday. The only reason I gave a 3/5 to visiting again within the next year or two is that it is a bit pricey, but it's also totally worth it. I think the course is the perfect length. My favorite part was the tarzan swing towards the end - the drop was so unexpected and thrilling! You could maybe do more to emphasize the environmental work you do; for example, the panels about the different primates aren't very well integrated. I got why they were there, but my friend was confused. There was also no wait (the group with children in front of us let us skip ahead), so we weren't really motivated to stick around the fenced-in area to read about primates. Great, great job on the fun factor!

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