• Ways to Volunteer this Fall

    Fall Volunteer Activities for Outdoor Lovers

    • Sean Tucker
    • 17th October 2018

    Here are some of our favorite organizations that are looking for volunteers to help winterize America’s outdoor adventure facilities.

  • Five Romantic Outdoor Activities for Couples this Fall

    5 Romantic Outdoor Dates for Fall

    • Sean Tucker
    • 8th October 2018

    Autumn can mean some truly memorable dates. Here are five of our favorite couples’ outings for when the leaves start to turn.


  • 6 Features of the Amazing Indy Parks Systems

    6 Awesome Indy Parks Features

    • Ape Squad
    • 1st October 2018
    Whether you’re visiting the area for a weekend getaway, want to take a lunch-break walk or wish to encourage your kids to grow up with an appreciation of the outdoors, Indy Parks has something for everyone. Maybe you’ll find your perfect place to Live Life Adventurously!
  • Perfect Fall Activities for outdoor lovers

    Perfect Outdoor Activities for Fall

    • Sean Tucker
    • 1st October 2018
    School has started. Office dwellers notice that everyone is actually showing up to work every day, as those last vacations have ended. It’s just harder to get out and enjoy the wilderness in late fall and winter than it is any other time of year…and late fall and winter are right around the corner.
  • How to manage outdoor activity in extreme heat

    Outdoor Safety in Extreme Heat

    • Sean Tucker
    • 21st August 2018
    Can hiking, backpacking, paddling, climbing, and your other favorite wilderness activities be safely done when the temperature is this high? Yes. With a few precautions.
  • 5 ways to get your kids outdoors before school starts

    5 Ways to Get the Kids Outdoors Before School Starts

    • Sean Tucker
    • 15th August 2018
    Here are five ideas for quick late-summer family adventures you can use to build those great memories before homework takes over your evenings.
  • Summer campfires are a right of passage but understanding how to build them safely is essential

    Summer Campfire Safety

    • Sean Tucker
    • 30th July 2018

    With a little planning, you can safely enjoy s’mores on your porch with the kids, or a night in the deep woods with someone you love. Just remember a few simple safety tips.

  • When it's too hot outside what do you do to still go outside

    What to Do Outdoors When It's Too Hot to Go Outdoors

    • Sean Tucker
    • 25th July 2018
    With a little flexibility, you can avoid spending your entire summer indoors huddled next to the A/C vent watching reruns. Here are four outdoor activities for these dog days of summer.
  • Taking Up a New Outdoor Activity When You Have No Experience

    • Sean Tucker
    • 2nd July 2018
    What if we told you it’s easy, fun, and not embarrassing at all, to learn these things now? If you’ve never been in a kayak, but want to; if you’ve never rock climbed, but want to; if you’ve never gone backpacking, but want to be good at it, there are easy and inexpensive ways to learn without feeling like a fool. You just have to invest a little time, and Google a bit.