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Go Ape Stewardship: Living Life Environmentally

  • Suzanne Coblentz
  • 6th April 2017
Go Ape Stewardship activity in the local parks, this week we're checking in with Go Ape at Millstream Run in Cleveland Ohio
It’s April! Aside from Easter, spring break and a host of other great things in April, it’s also the month we celebrate Earth Day! Here at Go Ape, we would argue that every day is earth day. Most of you know us for our fun and challenging tree top obstacles and zip line courses. And while we do have some pretty awesome outdoor adventures, we have a lot more going on than amazing opportunities for ziplining.
Go Ape is a proven partner that has worked with municipal park and forestry systems across the country to provide a unique, safe, and amazing outdoor experience. Throughout this month, we will be featuring blogs dedicated to Go Ape stewardship
We are committed to doing good for the parks, which do good for the local community.  
A huge part of doing good for our parks is the active stewardship every Go Ape team participates in throughout the year. We don’t just talk about taking care of our local environment, we lead the way by performing a host of activities in our parks intended to preserve, protect and help to thrive.
These stewardship activities often include the removal of non-native invasive species, performing park and waterway clean-ups, habitat creation, organizing fundraisers for park friend’s groups, and educating park guests about native species. 
This year we wanted to share with the greater tribe some of our stewardship in the hope that we can inspire you to do the same in your local communities. So, get out there and start your own park clean-up, or tree-planting. Every action adds up.  
“One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.”
We’re kicking off our April blog series with our Cleveland course, Millstream Run
Go Ape stewardship at Millstream Run in Cleveland OhioIn early March the Millstream run crew led by Go Ape site manager Ben performed a river clean up at the Big Creek Reservation.
The Go Ape team paired up with the park manager Jeff DeLuca and spent 3-4 hours collecting garbage that amassed during the last big flood a week prior. 
Weather-wise, it was a pretty brutal day to be out in the woods. Temperatures were in the teens with the wind chill…brrrr. 
The park manager was very happy with what we accomplished. Over the course of the day, we collected a few hundred pounds of trash and debris. We’re always left with at least one of two found items that leave us curious about how they wound up there…this clean-up was no exception. We pulled out a full child’s swing set and SIX shopping carts.
Join us for the zip line and obstacle adventure with spectacular views and feel even better knowing that by visiting Go Ape, you're also investing back into your local community. We will be sharing more of our fun stewardship with you throughout the month of April. 




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