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Go Ape is the largest adventure course management company in the world with nearly 50 locations and over 7 million participants safely completing our courses. The US operation is headquartered in Frederick, MD - with operations across the country and more than 17+ years of results-driven expertise.


No Capital Required


No Cost Feasibility Study


Tailored to Meet Client Needs

What Our Partners Have to Say

“Go Ape has provided an exciting new recreational opportunity to the visitors of Eagle Creek Park while fitting seamlessly into the park surroundings.” 
Jen Pitman, Deputy Director

Indy Parks and Recreation

“The health benefits of participating in this family-oriented activity is consistent with the mission of our department and the economic impact of Go Ape is also a plus.” 
John Carnifax, Director

James City Co. Department of Parks and Recreation

Go Ape believes in giving back at every level of the business partnership. Our relationships with our partners help us fulfill our company mission.
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