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About Go Ape

Park and Environmental Initiatives

A portion of every Go Ape ticket goes back to the park department we partner with.  In turn, this money is used to support the parks and communities we serve.  We thank our guests (affectionately known as our “tribe”) for support of their local parks.

Park Stewardship

Our sites are located in beautiful environments and we take our responsibility to care for these areas very seriously.  Go Ape chooses to participate and organize park clean-ups and maintenance activities at each of our sites, including non-native invasive removal and re-plantings.

Course Design

Our courses are designed to minimize any impact on the trees. We use clever braces that grip trunks and our platforms rest on these. The system allows the brace to expand as the tree grows. Our trees are also inspected annually by independent arborists to ensure their continued health.  We take pride in our little area of the forest and demonstrate that through the maintenance of the course area and natural surroundings.

Environmental Education

If you’ve been to Go Ape, you may have noticed our educational boards. These boards are created and designed in partnership with the parks, friends groups, and other organizations to help educate and raise awareness about various environmental issues. Our hope is that we not only increase your appreciation for the outdoors, but encourage activism to support the parks and environmental issues.


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