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Additional Support Guidelines

At Go Ape, we take pride in making our Treetop Adventures accessible to as many people as possible. While our mission is to inspire everyone to live life adventurously, we do have a few minimum requirements such as age and specific physical pre-requisites to participate. 
Visit individual location pages for adventure-specific restrictions related to age, height, weight, and adult supervision. 
Go Ape Treetop Adventure courses feature varying degrees of challenge. Some individuals may require additional equipment, adjustments to our training and/or levels of supervision for safe participation. While we attempt to facilitate adventure for all, there are circumstances where the implementation of additional measures would prove insufficient to securing the level of safety we are committed to providing. 
We encourage all guests who anticipate requiring accommodations or with special needs to contact the Go Ape team prior to making your booking, or visit a site, to discuss the needs anybody in your group may have. If we have enough notice, we can do more to address any specific needs and staff correctly to help all to safely participate. As always, safety is our top priority. 
Please contact us if you feel you may require additional support. 
What do the activities require? 
All of our activities require a certain level of physical fitness and mental maturity. All participants are provided training in the use of equipment and safety systems prior to taking part in the activity. It is required that all guests are able to understand this training and apply it throughout the activity, especially when not under direct supervision. 
Failure to follow the safety instructions and advice could result in serious injury or death. 
Inappropriate or unsafe behavior can create serious risks for not only the participant but also to other Go Ape participants and/or park guests. All participants must understand and accept the associated risk and personal responsibility they are assuming when taking part in the activity. 
Treetop Adventure 
Participants are required to complete a 30-minute safety training on equipment and safety procedures and must understand the consequences of not following the strict safety rules and advice. Participants will need to be able to climb rope ladders, attach carabiners to the safety system or manipulate safety system trolleys, cross obstacles and run into landing zones at the bottom of zip lines. 
Treetop Journey 
Participants will need to understand the safety rules and advice, be physically able to cross obstacles, manipulate safety system trolleys and run into landing zones at the bottom of zip lines. 
Risk Assessment 
We strongly advise prospective guests with pre-existing medical conditions and/or special needs to confer with a physician prior to booking at a Go Ape Treetop Adventure. Our staff are not medically trained professionals and cannot assess the implications or Go Ape activity for any individual.
While we cannot set out a definitive list of all the conditions that may adversely affect a person’s ability to undertake each of our activities safely; we can offer some broad guidelines from our experiences with different groups we’ve welcomed to Go Ape over the years. Nevertheless, Go Ape may refuse or stop any participants that do not meet our minimum safety requirements. 

Guidance on Accessibility

As well as being physically able to participate in the activities, the following may require additional support; these are detailed below: 
Deaf or Hard of Hearing 
Participants who are deaf or hard of hearing are able to complete our courses, however it is important that you let us know you are coming as early as possible in advance to allow us time to discuss with you any accommodations that may be necessary There is an element of training (the safety brief) that can be communicated using visual aids and simple adjustments. Some groups may prefer or need to bring interpreters or hearing companions, for instance large or school groups. Go Ape does not have interpreters on staff, but we are happy to work with you and assist you in booking your adventure. 
Blind or Partially Sighted 
Sighted participants need to accompany participants who are blind or partially sighted to ensure safe connection to the safety system and safe negotiation of the obstacles and activities. The level of this additional sighted support will depend on a number of factors including the degree of vision and whether there are any under 16-year olds in your group. Please contact us prior to booking to discuss. We’re happy to help. 
If you can climb a rope ladder unaided, you should be fine to take part. The security of prosthetics at height and during zip landings needs to be considered. With sufficient advance notice we can make adjustments at site to facilitate safe progress and zip landings. 
Mental Maturity 
If a participant is unable to remain attentive for the training and then apply what they have learned on the session, then the activity may not be suitable for them. Consideration must be taken for any participants that are under prescribed medication and whether this could affect their conduct on the course. 

Contact us in Advance 

If you feel you may require additional support or if you just have a question about any of our activities we strongly encourage you to contact us for a consult in advance of your booking. Our staff will be more than happy to give you advice on the best activity for you and assist further if additional support is required. 
The more notice we have, the better chance we have to be able to make adjustments to our system and staffing to be able to accommodate you and your party, and deliver the best possible experience. Contact us or call 1-800-971- 8271 
*Where participants are required to bring additional participants to facilitate their visit they will incur no extra cost.