• Go Ape offers facilitated team building at many treetop adventure & zip line locations

    Team Building is Not Just Another Day at the Office

    • Sean Tucker
    • 31st May 2017
    You know the people you work with in one context. It gives you a limited view of them, and a limited set of shared experiences to pull from in trying to bond. Team building helps to build that bond.
  • Cait Flanders shares her experience and why it's valuable to pursue a solo adventure

    The Value of Going on a Solo Journey

    • Cait Flanders
    • 16th May 2017
    Guest blogger Cait Flanders shares the value of a solo journey and why we should spend some quality time pursuing adventure.
  • What do you get the Mom who chooses adventure over brunch? We've got 7 great ideas.

    Mothers Day for Moms who choose adventure over brunch

    • Suzanne Coblentz
    • 9th May 2017
    Let's celebrate the modern Mom with 7 outdoor adventure ideas this mothers day!
  • Go Ape celebrates our employees who have served in the US military in Military appreciation month

    How my Military Background Prepared me for a Career in Adventure

    • Suzanne Coblentz
    • 2nd May 2017
    We have a special discount available just for our current and former servicemen and women. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to learn more!
  • Take your pet on some of your outdoor adventures, why should we be the only ones who can live life adventurously?

    Tips for Adventuring with Your Pet

    • Sean Tucker
    • 26th April 2017
    Dogs and the outdoors have gone together for…well…since humans and dogs first started spending their time together.
  • Small ways to have a big impact on protecting your local environment

    Small Ways to Have a Big Impact on Protecting Your Local Environment

    • Cait Flanders
    • 18th April 2017
    Shifting your mindset and focusing on how you can help on a smaller scale can actually have the biggest impact of all. Here are a few ways you can protect and preserve your local environment.
  • Delaware Go Ape Tribe makes a difference with a watershed clean-up

    Earth day is not just a day for our Delaware Go Ape tribe

    • Suzanne Coblentz
    • 13th April 2017
    Check out our stewardship that our tribe at Lums Pond in Delaware performed. Keeping our watersheds clean and clear is just one of the many things we do here at Go Ape to give back, do good and help support the local community and environment.
  • 5 active outdoor things to do near northern virginia

    5 Activities for Outdoor Lovers in Northern Virginia

    • Sean Tucker
    • 11th April 2017
    We have a bounty of outdoor opportunities right around us. But we are strong believers in the importance of a community of outdoor lovers. So give us a few minutes to tell you about the other wonderful wilderness experiences in Northern Virginia.
  • Go Ape Stewardship activity in the local parks, this week we're checking in with Go Ape at Millstream Run in Cleveland Ohio

    Go Ape Stewardship: Living Life Environmentally

    • Suzanne Coblentz
    • 6th April 2017
    The park manager was very happy with what we accomplished. Over the course of the day, we collected a few hundred pounds of trash and debris.