• Take Your Next Team Building Outing from Blah to Baahaha

    • Suzanne Coblentz
    • 16th February 2017
    So how can you accomplish your goals of building camaraderie, strengthen team bonds and fostering strong communication, without boring your team to tears?
  • Why you should add adventure to your self-care routine

    Why It's Important to add adventure to your self care routine

    • Cait Flanders
    • 7th February 2017
    In fact, I think adventure has the power to renew your energy and breathe new life into you in a way that the other suggestions can’t. Here’s why
  • What I learned after a year of living life adventurously

    A Year Spent Living Life Adventurously 

    • Suzanne Coblentz
    • 25th January 2017
    We ended up with several of these unplanned trips or experiences. Nobody walked away disappointed. If anything, the lack of preparedness heightened the excitement and gave the kids more chances to determine how or what we did.
  • Gear up for family adventure in 2017

    Gear up for family adventure in 2017

    • Sean Tucker
    • 10th January 2017
    As people who obsess over helping you live life adventurously, we have to admit that the right gear makes it easier.
  • Go Ape wants you to resolve to life life adventurously in 2017

    Resolve to Live Life Adventurously in 2017

    • Sean Tucker
    • 3rd January 2017
    Make 2017 the year you look back and see 52 Saturdays spent on the bike, on the trail, learning to rock climb and exploring routes within an easy drive, or challenging yourself to run a new race. You will look back with a fantastic feeling of accomplishment. Ok, maybe 48 Saturdays.
  • Go Ape challenges you to make 2017 your year of living life adventurously

    Make 2017 The Year You Live Outside Your Comfort Zone

    • Sean Tucker
    • 27th December 2016
    Face it, you’ll never remember your best day on a couch. You’ll remember the days you stepped outside that comfort zone, and pieced yourself together.
  • 6 reasons to camp in the winter

    6 Reasons to Camp in the Winter

    • Sean Tucker
    • 21st December 2016
    If you spend most of the winter glued to those sheets, it’s easy to grow sick of it, or worse, find it as the center of a small and lonely world you’ve built for yourself recently.
  • Tips to stay on track with your health over the holidays

    Real World Tips to Stay Healthy During the Holiday Season

    • Sean Tucker
    • 13th December 2016
    Every year that you pull of staying healthy through the holidays, you’ll make the next year easier on yourself.
  • 8 Outdoor Activities to Occupy Your Family during the Holidays

    8 Outdoor Activities to Occupy Your Family during the Holidays

    • Sean Tucker
    • 6th December 2016
    Here are eight great ways to get outdoors with your family this holiday season.