• Go Ape Treetop Adventure and Ziplines Car Adventure Tips

    5 Things to Keep in Your Car So You're Ready for Adventure

    • Sean Tucker
    • 5th October 2016
    Do you aspire to live a life of adventure? Always be ready to take advantage of those spontaneous moments with these 5 essential things to keep in your car.
  • Forest Bathing - Washing Away Stress and Worry

    • Sean Tucker
    • 28th September 2016
    Forest bathing can be an organized activity curated by a professional studied in the practice, or it can be self-guided. Whatever your preference, the benefits are clear.
  • Washington Redskins head to Go Ape Treetop Adventure and Ziplining

    Washington Redskins visit Go Ape Rock Creek Park

    • Suzanne Coblentz
    • 21st September 2016
    Gary Clark of the Washington Redskins, in partnership with The just keep livin Foundation paid a visit to the Rock Creek Park Go Ape Treetop Adventure last Tuesday.
  • Jenn Weiland Site Manager for Go Ape Treetop Adventure and Zip lines

    Why I Went Ape - Jenn Weiland

    • Suzanne Coblentz
    • 20th September 2016
    There is a very specific type of person who embraces a day job that includes wearing a harness and dangling from trees. Learn just what it takes to “Go Ape” for a living in our, “Why I Went Ape” blog series.
  • Why Autumn is the ultimate season of adventure

    3 Reasons Autumn is Totally Awesome for Family Adventure

    • Suzanne Coblentz
    • 15th September 2016
    Time to kiss summer goodbye and welcome the ultimate season for outdoor adventure, autumn.
  • 6 fun photo ops for active families

    6 Fun Outdoor Photo Ops for Active Families

    • Sean Tucker
    • 6th September 2016
    Skip posed family photos in studios and go take pictures of yourselves doing your favorite outdoor activities.

  • 6 do's and don'ts for healthy workplace competition

    6 Do's and Don'ts for Healthy Workplace Competition

    • Sean Tucker
    • 30th August 2016

    A good team-building competition mixes up existing office relationships by pairing people who haven’t bonded yet. 
  • adventure by day soft comfy bed by night

    Adventure By Day, Comfortable Bed By Night

    • Sean Tucker
    • 23rd August 2016
    At Go Ape Treetop Adventures and Ziplines we have found many ways to find adventure on an ordinary day, and be home for a reasonable bedtime.
  • why I went Go Ape with Emily Ebner

    Why I Went Ape - Emily Ebner

    • Suzanne Coblentz
    • 17th August 2016
    We swing through trees, dangle from ropes and are bringing harnesses into fashion. We are Go Ape. Although we all have pretty diverse backgrounds, there are definitely a few key traits that seem to define members of our tribe.