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Go Ape is the largest adventure course management company in the world with nearly 50 locations and over 7 million participants safely completing our courses. The US operation is headquartered in Frederick, MD - with operations across the country and more than 17+ years of results-driven expertise.

The company specializes in turn-key partnerships Go Ape Elite, as well as assistance in operations specific segments, Go Ape Tailored of the adventure course and outdoor adventure business.


No Capital Required


No Cost Feasibility Study


Tailored to Meet Client Needs

 Go Ape Elite 

We expertly manage all aspects of the operation including: 

Planning and budgeting
Course design and development
Human resources
Finance and accounting
National accounts
Targeted sales and marketing
Information technology
Business services
Public relations
Revenue generation

Go Ape Tailored

Turnkey management platform is customized for your operating needs and can include:

Free feasibility analysis
Public-private partnership development
Course construction management
Staffing and training
Crisis planning
Customer analytics and reporting
Financial management
Expense management

what it means to partner with go ape

Whether in need of a turn-key course partnership or assistance in specific segments of the business, Go Ape has two offerings that can be tailored to meeting your needs:

Go Ape Elite Go Ape manages all aspects of the operation including the capital investment, design and build, staffing and training, marketing and sales, and other business services. Driven by the collaboration of our head office team and on-site professionals we use of 17+ years of intellectual capital to drive memorable guest experiences and deliver a healthy financial return to our clients.


Go Ape Tailored A customized selection of services focused on operations of our courses and built to leverage our economies of scale, intellectual capital, national accounts, and brand to drive success in the areas our clients need most. Assessment of services includes a free feasibility study to determine the best joint venture structure for the opportunity.


The two facets of the business are supported by the more than 50+ leaders with decades of management experience, proven operating systems, vendor relationships, and advanced marketing technology. Until now, only Go Ape turn-key facilities have enjoyed access to the most powerful operating systems in treetop adventure business. With Go Ape Tailored, our clients have the freedom to choose what they need to optimize their facility's operations.

What our partners have to say

“Go Ape has provided an exciting new recreational opportunity to the visitors of Eagle Creek Park while fitting seamlessly into the park surroundings.” 
Jen Pitman, Deputy Director

Indy Parks and Recreation

“The health benefits of participating in this family-oriented activity is consistent with the mission of our department and the economic impact of Go Ape is also a plus.” 
John Carnifax, Director

James City Co. Department of Parks and Recreation

Go Ape believes in giving back at every level of the business partnership. Our relationships with our partners help us fulfill our company mission.
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